Reporting for the LLCI

This area provides information on reporting for the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative.

Reporting Requirements of the LLCI

As part of the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative there is a required reporting component. This sections outlines what you must complete to meet your reporting obligations and gives some advice on how to complete that reporting.

It is very important that as a program we are able to assess the impacts investment is having and to provide a level of accountability in all the activities of the initiative. Reporting allows performance to be assessed and the achievement of outputs to be identified.

As part of the LLCI and as outlined in the "Guidelines for host organisations" you are required to provide reporting on a six monthly basis. This is also outlined in your funding agreement.

While reporting is often seen as a burden, it is important to recognise it as both a strategic review tool and a really strong communication or promotion tool. If you are proud of what you are achieving then tell the world about it.

The links below will provide more detailed instruction in relation to each reporting requirement.

Six Monthly Reporting

Six monthly reporting is due every May and December and includes:

  • Part 1: Six Monthly Financial Report
  • Part 2: Progress and Output Report
  • Part 3: Review of your Annual Work Plan (Initial development and review)


Annual Reporting

Annual reporting is due in December and includes 1. Case Studies 2. Annual Report Card.

Information on how to complete these reporting items can be found by clicking the links below.


LLCI Annual Plan

This page will guide you on developing and reviewing your LLCI Annual Plan

Help with your Reporting

You will only be able to see and submit reports if you have been given appropriate access as part of your Gateway login. If you believe that you should be able to see and submit reports but cant see your agreement then please contact us.

Finding your Agreement

Your agreement should be found in the Reporting folder found under "Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative > Reporting". Generally you will only see one agreement that you have access to unless you have admin rights to more than one.

Updating your Agreement

Once you are viewing the agreement, you will be able to see the main details and progress of report submissions. You can edit the Agreement details by clicking on the green [Edit] button.

You will generally only need to update the agreement details once during the live of the agreement.

Make sure you list all relevant Host Organisations that are covered. There should be at least one.


Submitting Reports

Once you have the Agreement updated correctly it is time to submit a report. You will return to this agreement to update each 6 Monthly Report.

To commence a report click on the "create" link next to the correct date. This will create a blank report and take you to edit it. You do not need to complete it in one session - you can return as many times as you like until you are ready to submit it.

Financial Data

First of all, update all the financial information at the top of the report - NOTE: don't forget to press the "Save changes" button at the bottom

Part 2

Then you need to upload the Part 2 (And Annual Plan if this is a May Report) for each of the Host Organisations you nominated in the Agreement.

NOTE: Please make sure that you only upload PDF files

Declaration and submission

You do not need to complete and submit the report on the same session. You can return to the report as often as you like and update the financial data and upload new Host Organisation reports.

Once you are ready to submit the report then you must complete the Declaration details including the Project Manager contact details and tick the declaration checkbox. Finally press the [Submit for endorsement] button.

Help for reporting

Technical Support
For technical support you can contact:

Tom Cameron 04 5584 1995
Lucy Chapman

Administrative Support
For any questions relating to the the Grant agreement and reporting processes please contact:

Chris McCulloch
Sonia Williams