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Dazed by Dieback

This comic book explores the causes of rural dieback and the solutions through ecological restoration and revegetation in a light-hearted, but informative way. Dazed by Dieback tells the story of New England Dieback and the efforts of scientists, farmers and the community to reverse it. It is a humorous tale charting the explorations of its unlikely heroes Barry, Fay and Warren Streuth (environmental detectives extraordinaire), as they uncover the causes of dieback and what can be done to reverse it. Whilst set in the New England region of NSW, it has relevance to all agricultural regions of Australia where rural dieback is prevalent.

The story begins with Barry, Fay and Warren relaxing at the beach with Warren’s pet parrot Ono. Grim portents arise in the form of fleeing flocks of birds, and they set off to learn what has led to this.
Upon arriving in the rural area of New England they are confronted by an ecological disaster — all the trees are dead in a phenomenon called ‘dieback’. After a series of hilarious adventures they at last arrive at the farm of Arbor and Thistley Vanguard, where all is revealed.

People involved with natural resource management and ecological restoration on farmland will enjoy this book. It will also appeal to all ages above 10 years. High school students and university students learning about Australian ecology will find it a valuable resource, as it explores the areas of nature conservation in rural areas.

To Purchase Book
The book is available for purchase in hard copy ($20 plus postage) or as an e-book ($16) from Writers and ebooks:

The book is available from the following outlets:
In Armidale: New England Regional Art Museum; Armidale Tree Group; Gallery 126; Boobooks.
In Wollongong: Comic Café (Globe Lane Wollongong); Eyecatcher Arts (Woonona)

The following are available from the author:
High quality prints of individual pages original size (60 x 43 cm) $125 plus postage
Original pages (60 x 43 cm) of selected pages $250 plus postage.
Cards $5.00 each

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