A team of young adventurous volunteers (late teens to 30's) who travel around assisting different groups with adventure conservation projects.

Previously Illawarra Youth Landcare, Illawarra Intreped Landcare is a team of young adventurous volunteers (late teens to 30's) which meets once a month and travels around assisting a different Landcare / Bushcare groups in the Illawarra and across NSW.

We are all about exploring this great country we live in, and every project we do we try to mix it up with some conservation work and an outdoor adventure activity.

Our projects are a mix of one day local projects and weekend adventures which involve some degree of travel out of the area, and from 2015 we will be introducing an annual international conservation project. Activities range from creek restoration, bushland regeneration, tree planting, weed removal, vegetation and weed mapping, and other monitoring activities.

We always explore what each region has to offer, do something fun like kayaking, swimming, surfing or bushwalking, and help other environmental groups such as NPWS, private landholders, farmers and other adventure conservation groups such as Willow Warriors carry out environmental projects.

For more information about what we do visit our social media accounts and website:

Facebook - www.facebook.com/illawarraylandcare

Twitter - @iilandcare

Instagram - @iilandcare

Website - www.illawarraintrepidlandcare.org.au


When: 7 Feb · 9:00 AM Ends: 8 Feb · 03:00 PM

When: 23 Nov · 08:00 Ends: 27 Nov · 16:00 Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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