Murray Landcare is a collective of community based, not for profit Landcare, Agriculture, Producer and Environmental Groups in the Murray Region of NSW. It has a focus on learning together through collective interaction and using our entrepreneurial skills to improve our resource base to deliver better natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and rural community development.

Murray Landcare Collective is a community development model that is self-determining - it is NOT a Landcare Network in the traditional sense and is not an incorporated entity. 

It’s purpose is to be a forum for Murray groups to build capacity, partnerships and support each other and to enable groups to access resources and deliver against their own, local, sustainable agriculture and natural resources management aspirations. 

The Murray Landcare Collective provides balance with our key partners, the local, state and federally governed public investment models. Moderate tension holds the partnerships between Murray Landcare Groups and agencies in a “working” mode.  The balance of partnerships between community, private and government investors, keeps the pendulum of on ground activity vs evaluation and accountability in a “working channel”.

The tension between public governance structures, investor accountabilities and community driven activity keeps the partnerships of Murray Landcare Collective thriving.

The NSW Landcare Enabling Program 2024-2027 Regional Landcare Coordinators(RLC) for the Murray are Sandy Dellwo (Deniliquin) and  Paula Sheehan (Holbrook), hosted by Holbrook Landcare Network.

The Australian Government's National Landcare Program Sustainable Agriculture Facilitator (vacant) is hosted via Local Land Services Murray.

The endorsed representative for the Murray region to the Landcare NSW State Advisory Committee is Edwina Hayes (volunteer).

Murray Landcare Coordinators

NSW Landcare Enabling Program 2023-2027


Deniliquin      Janet Manzin

Finley            Felicity Liphuyzen

Barham         Roger Knight

Tooleybuc      Tahlia Stewart


Corowa            Claire Birch

Holbrook          Rachael Daniel 

Albury              Paula Sheehan

Burrumbuttock  Kathie Le Busque

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