South East Landcare (SEL) is a federation of 15 Landcare Networks covering the South East Local Land Services region of NSW; stretching from Hovells Creek & Boorowa in the north west, Illawarra in the north, through Shoalhaven, Upper Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla, Far South Coast, Upper Snowy, Upper Murrumbidgee and Snowy River Interstate (which reaches across our southern border into Victoria.) South East Landcare works across the south east corner of NSW to support these Landcare networks comprising approximately 350 groups. Within this geographic area Landcare is supporting families working on numerous agricultural pursuits including cropping, grazing, aquaculture, dairy, and horticulture to name a few.

Each of these networks has its own volunteer management committee and one or more employed coordinators. Those networks which have been successful with particular grants may also have an employed project officer, for the duration of the grant. 

Because of the geographical and climate range of SEL, different networks have different interests, e.g., the Upper Snowy is largely a sheep grazing area while the Far South Coast is specialised in dairy farming. There are also 4 farmer groups within this area that Landcare has a relationship with.

Click on the coloured polygon in the map below to find your local network.

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